Crouching Figure
(North of main entrance to Ford Hall)
In the year 1999, as the world focused on celebrating the upcoming new millennium, Eastern Michigan University celebrated their sesquicentennial which was the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the University. Eastern Michigan wanted to add to their celebration by beautifying the campus by adding some outdoor works of art.

The school asked Professor John Pappas to scour his public works classes’ proposals and choose three projects to be immortalized on campus. Student Matthew Bierl and his submission “Crouching Figure” was one of those three. The bronze figure resides just to the north of Ford Hall’s main entrance. The placement makes it very visible to all passersby headed to class, but for one to really see the features of “Crouching Figure” one has to make an effort to walk to the front of the piece facing Ford Hall. When asked why he thought Professor John Pappas choose his piece among those that would be created for the celebration Matthew Bierl’s response was, “Professor John Pappas just decided that we could accomplish this project.” A humble answer from an Eastern Michigan student whose class assignment would go on to forever be a part of the Ypsilanti and Eastern Michigan University landscape.